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John Allen is a consultant assisting governments to develop and use performance measurement and results oriented management processes.  He has worked in this field for more than twenty-five  years, the last fifteen as a consultant. As a public servant John managed the Province of Ontario's government- wide performance measurement system. He also worked with the Ontario Ministry of Municipal Affairs helping local governments to implement performance measurement.

John's specialties include performance measurement, business and strategic planning, operational planning and budgeting, program evaluation and personnel performance appraisal. Performance measurement is a central feature of all these management processes. As a consultant John has worked with a wide variety of government clients at all levels of government in both Canada and the United State, and in virtually every kind of government program.

John has written or co-authored a number of manuals and Ahow-to handbooks on performance measurement and over his career and has published numerous articles on government performance measurement. He is a sought after speaker at conferences of government associations on the topic of performance measurement. John is a recipient of the Intergovernmental Fiscal Relations Award for Excellence from the Government Finance Officers' Association for the publication Performance Measurement for Municipalities.

John has degrees in political science and business administration. He is based in Toronto.

Some of John's clients have included:

U.S. General Services Administration, Audit Division, for which John provided training in performance measurement to audit staff throughout the United States to enable them to conduct reviews of GSA program performance measures and the implementation of GPRA.

Oklahoma Department of Transportation, which John assisted in developing and implementing performance measurement. The tasks included developing an implementation plan, preparing a Manager's Guidelines to Performance Measurement, training all managers, and recommending a set of performance indicators for the Department's 27 major programs. 

Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection, Bureau of Information Technology, which John assisted to define and develop a comprehensive set of performance measurements, including the design of a client survey.

Montgomery County, Maryland, for which John provided a comprehensive training program on the development, use and implementation of performance measurement. All departments participated and developed performance measurements for their own programs during the workshop training sessions. 

Health Canada, which John Allen and André Paradis assisted in developing, documenting and implementing a comprehensive performance measurement process.

Citizenship and Immigration Canada, for which John Allen and Robert Power conducted an evaluation of programs designed to improve the English language capability of recent immigrants.

Ontario Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing, which John assisted in implementing the Municipal Performance Measurement Program, which mandates every municipality in Ontario to publish data on 35 performance measures in 9 service areas.

Ontario Shared Services Bureau, which John assisted in its start up phase, in engaging all employees in the business planning and performance measurement processes through a series of workshops across the province.

Ontario Agency Reform Secretariat, which John assisted by providing training in  performance measurement to management staff of all provincial regulatory and adjudicative agencies.

Ontario Native Affairs Secretariat, which John and André assisted in developing a business plan and performance measurements.

City of Toronto, for which John and André conducted a series of training programs in performance measurement, during which participants developed indicators for their own programs. This allowed the City to implement performance measurement across the organization very quickly.

Regional Municipality of Ottawa-Carleton, Ontario, which John assisted in developing and implementing performance measurement. The tasks included developing an implementation plan, preparing a Manager's Guidelines to Performance Measurement, training a team of program staff from each department who would assist managers in developing and implementing performance measurement throughout the municipality.

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