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This part of the web site is still under development. There are a large number of web sites which include performance measurement and results oriented management as major topics. However, I intend to keep this list brief. The web site of the Government Accounting Standards Board is highly recommended.


This is the web site of J. André Paradis and Associates. André and I have worked together for more than a decade. Please see his site for a general article on performance measurement.


This is the web site of the Government Accounting Standards Board. From the GASB home page, click on APerformance Measures@ to reach the GASB Performance Measurement Project. This web site contains a great deal of useful information about performance measurement in government, plus links to many good web sites.


This is the web site of Governing Magazine. It contains a link on its home page to the Government Performance Project. That project is an initiative of the Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs at Syracuse University. The project has rated all U.S. state governments, selected U.S. federal agencies and a number of American municipalities. The ratings cover several aspects of management, but include rating on results management.


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